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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Personal Preporations for post peak

Peak oil is a very serious topic and as much as people do not want it to happen it will most likely come very soon. For the post peak situation there are many things that are valuable to learn so you can live with a easier time living basically. When post peak happens most people will not know what to look for and what to do, with the skills that i want to learn and if possible will learn, i and others can possibly take on the leadership role.
Some things that i would like to learn post peak to start with is making fire with wood, and not things such as matches. People around the world used to worship the fact that they were able to create fire, i do not know if currently anyone actually does still worship fire but i would not doubt it. When you are able to create fire from things such as your surroundings your chance of survival i would believe are a bit greater. Some times to much raw food is not good for the body system but then neither are pretty much everything we consume currently. I once heard a story about someone in Japan who ate to much raw sushi and he died. Later they cut open his body to find maggots in his body, due to the raw foods rotting in his body. Creating fire seems to go hand and hand with farming because without things like ovens or microwaves after a possible collapse in this society raw foods arent always the healthiest and not to mention the most appatizing sounding.
Dental Hygenis skills i believe are a absolutly must have skill for post peak. My aunt is a dential hygenis and always nags me about my tooth care, i used to wonder why she did this because it seems as if me brushing for approximatly 2 minutes was good enough. This was when i was around the age of 5 when i was around 10-15 i realized how fucked up my teeth really were. Now i believe her, for the viewers that are reading this blog if any of you have seen the hollywood production "Cast Away" you see Tom Hanks with tooth trouble. He is deserted on an island and has to learn survival skills, after eating too much crab and not brushing his teeth he has gotten a terrible tooth ache. I would argue that because he was not taking proper care of his teeth by brushing them well he was forced to take a rock and pretty much break it off of his gums. I am not speaking for everyone but i must say personally i do not want to break my tooth off of my gums just to releave the pains from not taking proper tooth care.
Another skill i believe is key to learn is the art of recycling. When i say recycling i mean being able to reuse things and benefit from non ordinary things such as shit that comes out of your ass. We are using many things such as papers and other things that can be recycled and for times of peak oil we will need to use our resources very very wisely. Most of the times we waste things, if you think about it sometimes we cannot finish everything we have on our dinner plate. If you gather all of the edible parts together you can have a whole lot of edible things of very high quality for people. Bringing that idea into the recylcing idea if we continue to reuse things imagine how many resourses we can have to use over and over again to survive not only as an independent person instead as a community. If some of us are more fortunate then others we may be able to use our shit as fertilzer. I know personally that it is not as easy as it sounds but if we are able to use our shit as fertilizer our production of edible crops may increase and the percentage of die off in this country may decrease. Even though the die off may be good for this country due to over consumption of so many things, maybe the ones who die off are the ones that we need most and i dont know about others but i am not willing to take that chance.
Currently i am working out to put on a bit of muscle for times of post peak and collapses in this society as we know it. I figure that a bit of physical power would be much apreciated by those around me. We will need to build things with nothing but physically raw power to survive and protect us from things like rain. Due to the shitty environment air that we breath in and other climate changes that are pretty much unpredictable we will need some cover from cold weather or other things so we do not catch terrible diseases or other disorders. It also seems that due to the way this system is runned by a capitalist structure competition and lack of cooperation will probably encouraged. So basically when the peak oil times come around the corner no one is really going to want scrawny weaklings that have no physical power to back them up. Sometimes i personally do not like being the black sheep in a sea of white sheep that conform to the cool trends of society. In a sense we all conform to the cool trends of society without even consciouslly knowing it so i suppose it cannot be helped to think like a dumb ass.
The last skill that seems would be nice to have and not to mention beneficial would be farming/ roof gardening work. I believe that this is the most popular skill to possess for the terrible post peak situation. People always talk about wanting to farm because when post peak comes everyone will be like monkies in a cage wondering what the to do. From this fact alone this can be the opportunity that someone would need to take on a leadership type of role. In order to learn farming which is a super tough skill to learn especially when our minds are pretty much corrupted to not remember anything after a span of about 3 minutes. Because we are a bit older times have changed and your minds and bodies have aged, sometimes even when you are able to possess the knowledge you cannot follow through. On the flip side of this situation if you do know how to farm it would be a very good skill to have because food is something that will be short of production. The distrbution proportions will not be even because some people with more importance will get more of the portions then others. George Bush would probably get more food then a Stefan Wong who lives in New York, its just fact. So if you are able to grow your own food and able to actually eat from it will give you a bit more social status which is most likely seeked in those times.
Roof gardens supposedly help out the environment a bit climate wise. I have heard once that roof gardens are able to lower the rate of which global warming is spreading around the world. A roof garden if managed well can be your dependent garden where you are able to grow your crops, i do not know how these things work but hopefully i will one day possess the skills and knowledge to create my own roof garden. What Ms Godshall is doing is very good for a place like New York city because in New York City there are practically no more trees any more where you walk. When people cut down trees around the world it creates an unstable environment which is practially unpredictable. Temperatures can drop dramatically for pretty much no reason at all accept the fact that you have ruined the climate around.

Inviting Anarchy into my Home Reading Response

When i first read this article i thought the idea was pretty interesting and eye catching. At first glance someone may suspect that this article would be about something like the decisions a family makes but those people and i were wrong. This story is about a woman who has gotten a divorce and now owns a share of the house with 2 other beings. The money she makes off of the house she does not profit from, instead she uses it all for the well being of the house hold (not the house itself). This idea was nice considering how much society today incourages people to only worry about themselves and profit any way you can money wise. This article shows the couple of people who read it a possible alternative life style, this can help the post peak situation. The things the house hold which consists of aproximatly 6-7 people in it do things such as dumpster diving. According to society doing things like dumpster diving is a bit shameful, and hurtful to your pride. Dumpster diving is when you go around your town looking through forms of garbage for food basically. It makes your social status lower then where it started but dumpster diving is money and energy efficient. If you go dumpster diving you save money because you dont have to buy your own food, in return you can get perfectly edible food from places who dump out food daily. It is also energy efficient because you do not have to cook your own food sometimes. Occasionally you will be able to find cooked foods so that will save gas if you have a gas powered stove or electricity if it is a electric powered stove. As you can see from the article it is very beneficial for your house hold economically wise because the family could survive and live well off of just about 500 United States Dollars. With the aproximated cost monthly of 500 dollars the family could afford things like wireless internet, food spices, mortgage, property taxes, olive oil, utilities, and many other things. Although this alternative living style does not completly solve the problem of a peak oil living style, it is able to subside the problem a bit. Not having to work the typical 9-5am office job instead this life style provides an alternative. You are able to spend more time with your family in things such as parks the outside views and it can be a collective process which makes for a better life. With things that provides people who commit to the alternative life style a better life it may solve the situation which is now, that is the living like "zombies". This is not only a better life style in my opinion but a more mentally healthy/beneficial but also physically healthy/beneficial.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Response to Nians Post about the end of the world

Nian nice post even though i dont know how realistic it sounds you have quite an imagination. Ever since about 2 weeks ago the skys and the world just does not seem the same. It has been raining so many times now, the day time could have a extremly bright sun with beautiful blue skys but when you try to take a second look 5 minutes later everything has turned white and you see a swift flash of thunder and you hear a RAWR of lightning, does this seem like the end of the world? I must say i believe peak oil, global warming, etc has something to do with this even though it does not make much sense. 6/6/06 is comming and according to the hollywood film "he has his day" many people seem to be trying to cash in on this date and i cant blame them. As we get older and the days are passing by my faith for jesus to come down from the heavens and wash away all our problems is depleating rapidly. But according to your theory Jesus will come down on 6/6/06 so it seems your faith is very high and Jesus will bring down his gang of troops as oil is about to peak help us fight off satan and his evil powers that may cause our society to collapse. Dolphins swiming in the East river seems a bit ridiciulous and when you told me i found that a bit shocking. The crazier part is that in your post you said that the dolphin's are surviving in the east river. If the people who are reading this do not know what the east river contains i wil give you a jist of the goods. The East river contains things such as (needles used for drug useage, shit, garbage, piss, 40 oz alcohal bottles, liquor bottles, shoes, jackets, and possibly anything else you can think of). This makes me wonder though if dolphins can survive in the East river does that mean that humans will survive peak oil? Taking that thought a step further it seems that the human race could with stand possibly things after peak oil. Maybe peak oil wont even be such a bad thing, we may make it look like childs play. If dolphin's can live in the east river then as a community humans can possibly figure out ways to live on this earth comfortably even when oil has been erased from this planet. The dolphin news gives me a bit more hope personally because you can see how animals ( another form of life) can survive in what i believe is one of the biggest shit holes ever. That does not seem to different from what i believe collapse and peak oil syndrome are going to look, feel, and be. The site's may not be too pretty but i think we can live through it because we have the capabilities to, we may even have new and better things to look forward to in the future. So maybe things like june 6 will not be anything special because we have the capabilities and skills hopefully to with stand the barrages.

Some Useful skills to possess for the collapse

Some good skills to have for scenario's such as a collapse in your society and oil peaking can be things like survival skills. To start learning phsychology techniques can possibly be amazing in situations like peak oil. The reason for this is because peak oil is real and when it does happen i believe people will find a bit more shit in their pants then usual. People will go crazy and sometimes i feel its my personal duty to calm people down and make them feel a sense of strength that they never knew they had. With phsycology skils that may also include leadership skills. If everyone knows your the person to turn to when they have problems and you have solutions, you may become a top priority to seek out in case of any situation. You will probably be able to talk to people and make them think things that will keep them stable. In some people's minds this method seems to be like a form hegemonic control, but to be honest when times are looking worse then me at the internship site cleaning shit off the toilets, i dont think people would mind a bit of leadership and control.
Another useful skill that i believe people should possess during post peak is recycling. The reasoning behind the idea of recycling is that you will have a lot of garbage and shit lying around. So i ask myself "what should i do with all this?" in most cases currently we dont have that problem because oil is still sufficient but that probably wont be the case in possibly acouple of years. If we just leave things like garbage out in the streets we will only continue to contribute to global warming and things of that nature. The last thing it seems we need is another crisis to our "oh so wonderful city" (I used that term very loosely). If Americans stick to the words that they say then we will be "united" when peak oil happens and we can figure out solutions to things like recycling. A alternative to having shit, (yes litterally shit) laying around is learning how to use it to fertalize our soil. The only problem is probably like less then 2% of New York City and many other places know how to do this.
This brings me to the third very useful skill that would be key to surviving peak oil, that is farming. Many people talk about farming and how it is very great and it can help us live more organic and healthier lives but how many people actually know how to farm well? It's one thing to say you know how to farm, it is also another to be able to eat your grown crops without having to taste worms and all that other good stuff. A question i wonder is if we did learn as a community how to farm then what happens if things such as a drought occur? How many people would die of starvation and hunger and things of that nature? If we as a community are smart then we would probably have some extra crops saved in storage some where so tough times may seem like childs play. For those who watch television and hollywood movie productions you see many times that the most successful farmers usually have a huge peice of land to farm and milk their cows with hurds of sheep but im curious to know how would farming work out in New York City? A possiblity i can think of is tearing down big buildings to start gardens in the open area and for the buildings which are not torn down you can start gardens on the roof just like School Of The Future. Ms Godshall a wonderful high school science teacher is the one who started the roof top garden on top of School Of The Future and it actually seems to be working AMAZING!
Making fire seems to be a really groovy skill to possess because if your going to be farming most likely your crops need to be heated up unless you have no taste buds. When peak oil happens and eventually all the oil in the world will be gone some people may resort to hunting, maybe not in New York City but in other places of the world. Most meat that people eat usually needs to be cooked or heated up in some sort of manor unless you are taught to eat raw meat or you like sushi. In both cases personally i am not a big fan to be honest. Fire may not only be used to cooking it can also be used as a sorce of heat for people because living in New York City it is not always in comparison to places like California, but we do not have Earthquakes so i suppose i have to be a bit greatful for that. But heat like some other natural energy sources will possibly one of the things that will be worshiped since oil the other natural energy source is about to run out. Heat is more useful then many other things so i wont mind worshiping it.
A key helpful skill that i believe people should possess is a bit of physical strength. I am not saying you have to be someone like Mike Tyson in his early years but just a bit of physical strength enough to possibly carry things. When peak oil happens people will need to building things as a community and that would mean it takes a group effort. Most people would not like to be seen as the black sheep or outcast in the group so for the lazy people i believe they should get a bit of a sweat going to build strength. Theres usually no down side to it either because getting a big stronger without the use of things such as steriods can mainly only benefit you unless you continue to "pump iron" and tear you muscles and things like that, for now i only see an upside.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cuba's living situation response

Cuba seems to have adapted to the peak fairly well. In the beginning from what i saw in the Cuba video they did not do to well, and everyone seemed a bit confused on what to do to nullify the affects of the chaotic situation. When everyone is so dependent on oil the affects are unpredictable when it is being takin away from you instantly. This is like when someone has been smoking for 3/4 of their lives and trying to quit (going cold turkey) very scary things can happen. Things ranging from blacking out in a random situation, nausea, and possibly going mad from the lack of nicoteen that your body learned to feed on. In the beginning of Cubas oil crisis no one knew what to do until a decent amount of time had passed. I wonder what it will be like when the United States has its oil peaked? How many people will have to die before this society as we know it will become simliar once again? I look at these rich folks on the streets these days and wonder how will they react to oil peaoking when the time does come, it seems they have no survival skills what so ever. How will our society as a whole react? from the hard workers in Chinatown who give about 13 hours of their days to work to the people in buisness suits who have 9-5 jobs and making 6 figure salarys. It will be interesting to see how everyone reacts to the peak oil situation. Today when everyone feels that the objects that they possess give them meaning in their lives will it mean mass suicide of the rich people in our society because all of the meaning in their lives has been takin away?
In Cuba eventually people learned how to farm fairly well. How many times did the Cubans succeed in the trial and error situation they faced in learning how to farm? It is obvious to say that not everyone is perfect everytime. This would mean that when Cubans tried to learn how to farm their tomatoes and vegetables did not always come out to be ediable by people. The Cubans had to learn many survival skills so that they could live to see another day. I believe that most people that live in the United States has been subjected to the Capitalist structure to the point where they will run there lives with it even when it may not still be in power. What i mean by this is that even when the society collapses people may not look forward to working together to build a greater community and make our stay on this earth more enjoyable for each other and ourselves. Instead people may only care about themselves and hope they are able to put others down for their personal success, if society becomes stable again and we discover many alternative oil sources i believe capitalism will possibly never end. However may it never ended to start with maybe it just settled down and made an even stronger come back.
Although it seems a bit strange how cuba got their food and other stuff without being able to use too much oil i wonder what happened to the other things that were not explained in the video. Some of the things is if they used how to use their shit to plant crops how did they learn to do that? some other things are without much oil how did the Cubans learn to grow crops with other natural resources. How where they able to build a decent amount of bikes as well as get a decent amount from China. What kinds of currency did they use to pay for the bikes? When the collapse happens here in the United States especially in New York since there is not much land to grow and plant crops especially in the city. Will people not go to the city any more? and will it be deserted from now on? What will be the population dominated areas in this country? Will the people here in the United States seek each other for comfort and what to do? or will someone finally take on a true leadership role? I believe when this happens no one will know what to do and possibly crime ( like stealing from people and stores) will occur and the police will not be able to keep people under control any more. Riot will occur and many people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time will be murdered. Until a decent amount of time has passed this society will not be stable for quite some time. I could be wrong and everyone tries to seek out some better for each other. Possibly if someone takes on the leadership role then everyone will keep the peace in the environment. People may end up taking care of each other with care. Possibly maybe this will benefit everyone with a better life style then what they are living with currently.

Response to Bartlett Transcript

A key argument that Bartlett seems to be making is that the United States does not seem to understand how the supply of our oil problem does not meet the demand. Using his chess board explanation what he seems to be saying is that we use more and more then what we already have. What i question is how are we able to use so much oil if we cannot supply that much? it seems that we continue to use and use oil but we never have any oil in reserve. Even though the gouvernment says we have about a billion in reserve that does not mean that the other billion we have is infinite. If we continue to use oil what will the collapse in our society be like? Will everyone riot against the gouvernment because they did not warn us? Or will everyone seek out each other for a bit of guidence to this apocalyptic scene? In the future because we have a "life expectancy of about another 60 years" the prices of things will dramatically increase. "The students found that a 55cents gallon of gasoline would cost $35.20 - $2.50 for a movie would be $160. The $15 sack of groceries my mother used to buy for doallar and a quarter, that will be $960. A thousand dollar suit of clothes $6,400 a $400 automobile will cost a quarter of a million dollars and a $45,000 home will cost nearly three million dollars." With things going to such outrageous prices like 960 dollars for regular groceries that your mother went to the store to buy how can anyone possibly survive with those kinds of hardships? Professior Andy Snyder said that the United States currency has a high possiblity of decreasing in value because most other countrys are switching from U.S. dollars to Euro's. This seems like a desperate time for not only the United States gouvernment having to go to war but also for the people living in the United States. For the gouvernment war seems like the only answer for them. "Well I gave the students this data, (shows overhead) these cam from a blue cross, blue shield ad, the add appeared in Newsweek magazine and gave these figures to show the cost escalation of gall bladder surgery in the year since 1950, when that surges cost $361. I said make a semi logarithmic plot, let's see what's happening. The students found the first four points lined up on a straight line whose slope indicated inflation of about 6% per year, but the fourth, fifth and sixth where on a steeper line almost 10% inflation per year." What does inflation look like if you ploted it on a graph? would that mean that from a steady graph that looked looked exponential and has a greatly increasing slope? ( someone please respond if they have a chance). "In the summer of 1986 the news reports indicated that the world population had reached the number of five billion people growing at the rate of 1.7% per year." If this is the percentage of people comming to this earth every year then how many people die every year? If the percentage is around 1.7% it seems that oil consumption and population will stay proportional. So what drives people to continue using more and more oil all the time? I also wonder what will someone like Bartlett do when the collapse does happen? How has he prepared for the collapse that is going to happen in the future?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Positive Scenarios To Peak Oil

Oil peaking may not be such a bad thing for us all. These days children and adults are getting obease. The United States is a very obease contry specifically, if not possibly the most obease contry in the world. The Technology that we have makes us lazy because we have machinese and others doing things for us, this requires little excersize and movement of the body so we end up getting lazier. With oil on the brink of peaking this may lead to many technologies not being able to function any more. Technology not being able to function any more may not neccesarily be a bad thing for humans. The times may go back to the physical labor times where everyone had to do things for themselves. For people like the Amish, oil peaking may not effect them that much. For others such as people who live in California oil peaking may seem as something very devistating because they need cars to get people from point A to point B. They are not dependent on a transit system like New York. But that is ok because riding bikes is to places is not only health efficient, it is also efficient for the environment. With a big hype where everyone is getting healthier by excersizing more that may spark some cords in peoples minds to also eat more health as well. That is definetly a massive benefit to the human species. With healthier living style's many people will have a far larger life span. When oil peaks people may not neccesarily look at it as an apocalyptic period in time. People will not have as much luxury's as they do now so to make up for it people will spend their times at parks, and beaches possibly. These 2 things are free to the public, aswell as places to excersize. A little excersize does not hurt no body you can only benefit from it. With the unpredictable climate we have been having people have to excersize to build stamina and endurance for the seasons when the heat is unbearable to some. Because oil is peaking stamina and endurance is needed to carry heavy things, build stuff, and plant things. When this peak of oil does happen most of the United States will become a community. Because, the United States has adopted this capitalist economic form everyone seems to have this only looking out for themselves point of view. If you believe in the capitalist form then you will probably think that being a community pretty much is a peice of shit, for others who believe in a more communist point of view this will probably be a once in a life time chance for some. We will learn how to work together and accel as a community therefore allowing us to most likely survive in times of crisis. With a communist structure in a small community people will not succeed while others fail. People will not have to exploit others or be exploited by others. Everyone will have equal opportunity. For us all we should not look at oil peaking as a horrible experience that will be in our lives where we should scratch our eyes out but a time to benefit and exploit peak oil. We as a community should see how oil peaking was a wonderful part in our lives. We can make this one of the best times we have ever had in our lives. What does not kill us only makes us stronger, in this case we will be a lot stronger.

Positive Scenarios To Peak Oil

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Response to Zhi's comments

Hey Zhi i enjoy reading about your post mainly because you seem to agree with what i have to say. Today i have heard people saying that the United States is becoming the most obease country in the world. The part where you said "But I think the technology is actually killing us.I think we all can build gardens. We can build a wall and play handball instead of playing computer games." Many people in this society seem to be getting lazier and lazier because technology is doing everything for us today. Not many people know how to work as hard any more. However with the way things are going people are mentally stressed out, so they go back to their homes to relax. Many people find mental stimulation in things such as computer games or the television. People work very hard usually averaging from 9am-5pm, for some exceptions for a possibly even longer time.
Gardens in New York are very rare. Occasionally you will find one or two trees through out the city like in parks at Chinatown or places like that. They seem beneficial for environmental reasons and also scenery reasons as well. If you make places such as parks more attractive then people will be drawn to it. Possibly trees, flowers, and gardens may get people to start roaming streets once again and "live a better life" in my standards. I believe an better looking environment will help people function better and subside a bit of the possible collapse in society.

Technical Difficulty's with blog

Hey everyone i was wondering if anyone could help me set up my blog site so everyone can see who's blog's i usually comment on. If you look at Zhi's blog you will get what i am talking about.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Analysis of "Ecotopia"

The book Ecotopia displays an alternative living style to our current one today. With the way society is functioning today oil prices and usage are riseing very dramatically and this book may help you prepare for a collapse that this society may have. "Actually, they aren't enforced at all. They're a mechanism of moral persuasion, you might say. But they're purely informal. They're issued by study groups from consumer co-ops. Usually, when a product goes onto such a list, demand for it drops sharply. The company making it then ordinarily has to stop production, or finds it possible to sell only in specialized stores This quote to me means that because a gouvernment type figure has so much power over everyone in an society as long as you put a bad label over something loyal citizens will obet that label. Comparing that to today's society it seems that a minimal amount of people know about oil peaking. The government knows it as well, it seems that even though the society knows that oil peaking for most citizens in the United States society it will be a very shocking thing and bad. However the government does not seem to be making any effort to bring the social awareness out to citizens in society. As seen in the book Ecotopia putting things hazardous to your health on a bad list drops demand within the society. In the current society oil is something that is hazardous to your health and the demand for it has been sky rocketing for the past decade and before that as well. Paraphrasing what Henry said no politician wants to be the black sheep who comes out and brings out a devastating problem to everyones attention. However if no one takes the intiative and steps up to inform everyone the collapse will possibly be another great depression. "The front end consists of two wheels, each driven by an electric motor and supplied with a break. A frame attaches them to a steering and suspension unit, together with a simple steering wheel, accelerator, brake, instrument panel, and a pair of head lights. The motor drives are capable of no more than 30 miles per hour so their engineering requirements must be modest-though my guides told me that suspension is innovative using a clever hydraulic load-leveling device which in addition needs very little metal. The rear end is even simpler, since it doesnt have to steer. The battery units, which seem to be smaller and lighter than even our best Japaense imports, are designed for use in vehicles of various configurations." Their vehicles are made with the least possible materials possible. Comparing that to our society today our cars need so many aspects. Now they have unnecisary "chrome rims", air condition, radio's, leather seats, and many other things. With the alternative vehicles displayed in Ecotopia it shows how we can have vehicles that dont need many parts, very simplistic and is able to transport everything that we need from point A to point B. Part of our cars these days are runned by electricity and part oil, we also have hybrid cars which run partly on solar power and are made from a bit of metal and plastic. Even though hybrids are a way to conserve resources that are needed on this planet they also have many unnecisary parts. They also have many components used to build the vehicle. What Ecotopia's society partly is based off of is how simple can things be broken down to, so that everyone can live a better life as a community. Ecotopia does not base their society structures off metal. They mainly use wood to build buildings for everyone, once in awhile they will need a bit of iron to build things. Iron to Ecotopia is believed to be "natural metal". Ecotopia does not allow personal vehicles to people unless it is a truck that brings goods to people, also their ware houses which are runned by people have transports underground that lets packaged goods travel to other warehouses directly. This saves energy that is needed and may run out, instead we have physical labor and work hours for Ecotopians are cut down to around 20 hours per week. Everyone in Ecotopia rides bikes which are provided for people for free, this is environmentally more safe for people. This can reduce pollution, oil, and energy so that you can reserve it but Ecotopia is not an oil based society. Comparing that to todays society most things are oil based essentially there fore the demand in oil sharply increases. Ecotopia has a well balance between gardens and trees as well as having buildings. On the streets because there is no cars this allows to have plants, gardens, and trees to grow. With the growth of things of that nature this allows a cleaner environment for everyone. Today especially in New York City there is a lack of trees and plants on the outside. In the World forrests are being cut down in places which causes a dramatic effect in agriculture these days. Cars and pollution are growing at great rates as well. All these things factor into our society possibly taking a huge collapse that may not be resolved for a very long time.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Village future with gardens etc (ideas being fleshed out)

Eventually I am convinced that the oil that this world depends on will eventually peak because it is a finite resource. Like many things in the world everything has its time to pass on. For humans its death and for gardens it is the winter season. I am also convinced that it will be soon and possibly closer then anyone could possibly imagine that oil will eventually peak. When it does peak everyone will be devastated due to the fact that we all depend on oil so much. According to the possibility that we have which conveys the idea that a semi Amish living style will be what is a scenario. Taking the Amish for example it seems that it does work to not depend mainly on oil and electricity. For those who have seen the movie "The Village" by M Night Shamalon the actors who portray a life style seem to have all the main necessities to successfully run a village of their own, it is also cut off from society. The idea of planting and creating more gardens especially in New York I think is a great idea. Although the chance of that happening to me personally seems to be slim to none. The city of New York lacks plants and trees and those sorts of things. With such a trendy place where tourists come to go shopping there also seems to be a lack of space to plant in New York city. Personally I would not mind planting gardens and planting vegetables to eat. School of the Future has the roof garden which is a wonderful start to a better life and school system for some lucky ones. If me and my family continue to plant fruits and vegetables I believe this new organic nutritious life style will benefit us in the long run. Atempting to analyze this i believe that whoever depends greatly on oil will out of instinct do things such as plant vegetable gardens and other things of that nature. It will probably increase our life span instead of eating meats and other things with chemicals already placed in it for things such as flavor. But taking a argument from the text "The Worst mistake in the History of the Human Race" Jared Diamond seems to be saying that people giving up on hunting natural food sources planting really makes us lack nutrition. Even though it is a level up from eating all these non organic products these days it still has some flaws in itself. Someone once told me that putting crazy people near gardens will actual cut down their sentencing in a mental hospital or something like that. According to Diamond "In Particluar, recent discoveries suggest that adoption of agriculture, supposedly our most decisive step toward a better life, was in many ways a catastrophe from which we have never recovered. With agriculture came the gross social and sexual inequality, the disease and despotism, that curse our existence." It is possible that when oil peaks our chances of surviving are not possible anymore, which comes to no surprise for some. But as we see with some alternative societys that do not mainly depend on oil they are able to live, also arguably live a better life then most people who work a typical 9-5 job in an office. With more gardens, that will create a more of a relaxing environment to live in. Especially with a crisis of not having oil a nice garden site to observe will definitely benefit everyone. Personally being able to observe more things such as gardens outside at parks is a much better way of living your lives. Economically I believe that instead of spending more money on things such as food because some people will be planting their own foods people will not have to depend on others to grow food, instead now people have their own food supplies to support themselves. With oil possibly peaking soon i dont believe money will be the number 1 thing on peoples minds any more. Money may be effective but only to some extent because everyone needs to survive. A domino effect may be established as well if some people see a couple of people creating gardens and growing crops to eat, possibly everyone else will follow in each others foot steps. A even larger domino effect may happen if we start planning for the future now instead of in the future. It seems like this is a test and if we dont study for it and put the time into learning what is on the test the possibility of you passing is less then you choking on a single grain of rice. Possibly a mini revolution can occur in terms of taking a step forward, even though to some such as Jared Diamond we already screwed ourselves over.